You can save Hundreds to thousands of Dollars at Move-In When Looking at Apartments for rent

PayLess Apartments is here to help you get incredible deals on your next apartment


Moving into a new place is an exciting, yet often an expensive affair. But we weren’t satisfied with the idea of paying more than you have to.


As a result, we made the process of locating the perfect apartment for rent and moving in more fun and less stressful by finding you the best discounts possible.


Rather than having to sort through website after website and comparing prices, we’ve brought together your local complexes that offer move-in discounts and other savings to new tenants.

Our goal is seeking out the best deals on apartments for rent and we want to pass the savings to you.


We are the Priceline and Travelocity of apartments.


PayLess Apartments is an online agency that functions as a platform for apartment complexes and housing rental agencies to promote their listings. Unlike other rental agencies, PayLess Apartments focuses on saving you as much money as possible without sacrificing the quality of the apartment for rent.

Our mission is to help you get the best deal possible on your next apartment by featuring complexes offering a  move-in discount.


PayLess Apartments is an exclusive venue and that means we don’t just accept every listing. Our featured multi-family units and apartments can have discounts ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Certain factors, such as your credit score and terms of the lease, can affect how much you save as a new tenant. To get a better idea of how deep your discount will be, you’ll need to get in contact with the apartment for rent’s complex.

We feature listings for all types of residences, from apartments to multi-family homes.




Whether you’re searching for a cozy one bedroom apartment for rent to call your first home or you’re wanting to upgrade to a complex with better amenities, we’ve got what you need.



Our Search Engine works by the minimum number of bedrooms needed. This means if you need at least 2 bedrooms, but we find a 3 bedroom apartment for rent with a better price and bigger move-in discount, you won’t miss out.




Apartments may be in our name, but we understand that some prefer a house to rent. We’ve expanded our offerings to include houses, condos, and townhouses.


How To Get Started Finding Your New Home


Finding that perfect apartment for rent with PayLess Apartments only takes four simple steps.


Step 1 – Decide What You Want


Are you looking only for a one or two bedroom apartment for rent or something larger? If you have pets or plan on getting one in the future you’ll need to find a complex that allows them. You’ll also need to consider if access to amenities like on-site laundry or garages/covered parking is needed.


Take a moment to write down what features and amenities your ideal apartment must have. This will help you search through our listings more efficiently.


Step 2 – Start Your Search


Visit our Search page and enter your details. Include the location of where you’re searching for an apartment for rent, your price range, and the minimum number of bedrooms needed. You can use search filters to help narrow your search down further or even look at listings from specific agents or offices.


Step 3 – Narrow Your List


Compare the different apartment and multi-family listings that meet your basic requirements and narrow it down to about 3-5 of the most promising listings. Since PayLess Apartments offers such great discounts, competition for apartments can be high. By having a few options to choose from you won’t feel as pressured if the first apartment for rent isn’t available.


Step 4 – Contact the Complex


The last step is to get in contact with the complex manager about the apartment for rent. From there you can make appointments to view the complex, confirm their discount, and move forward with a lease and deposit.

At PayLess Apartments, we want to help you get the best discounts possible on apartments for rent. If you have any questions for us, you can contact us by phone at (718) Pay-Less (718) 729-5377 or email us at