PayLess Apartments Makes It Easy to Find Cheap Apartments for Rent That Don’t Skimp on Quality

Times can be tough and finding affordable housing can feel like a struggle for many renters. There’s nothing quite as disheartening as scrolling through listing after listing of perfect apartments that don’t fit your budget requirements.


Even more frustrating is to find a cheap apartment with an affordable rental rate only to discover that initial move-in costs are 2 or 3x more than monthly costs. Even though you could afford the monthly rent, when you add the security deposit and other fees required at move-on, the once cheap apartment is now too expensive.


To help put an end to this all-too-common issue, we founded PayLess Apartments.

We Help You Save by Featuring Apartments with Move-In Discounts

We’re an exclusive online listing site that features quality, cheap apartments for rent that offer move-in discounts for new tenants. In fact, we’re so dedicated to helping renters get the best deal possible that we require all properties to offer a move-in discount.


Depending on lease terms and your own credit score, you could have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars with certain complexes.

Start Shopping for Cheap Apartments for Rent in 3 Steps

Step 1 – Make a List

Are you looking for cheap 1 bedroom apartments or something larger? Does your future residence need to allow pets? What about any on-site facilities you find a necessity, such as covered parking or laundry? Make a list of the must-haves of your future apartment.


Step 2 – Search Our Listings

 Hop onto our user-friendly Search Engine and enter your location, price range, and how many bedrooms you need. Feel free to add in additional search filters if you’re looking for specific amenities.


Step 3 – Contact the Complex

Found a few promising cheap apartment? Now it’s time to gather the complex’s contact information on the listings and get in touch. We recommend calling them directly rather than emailing. From here you will schedule a time to visit, confirm the PayLess discount, and if you’re ready, move forward with a lease.

Our Deepest Discounts on Cheap 1+ Bedroom Apartments Near You

Ready to see just how much PayLess Apartments can save you on move-in? Here are some of our beautiful, cheap apartments with the largest move-in discounts in your area.

<<top discount featured listings>>

Remember – Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean your cheap apartment has to be sub-standard.

Every renter should have access to an affordable apartment in safe complexes that offer clean, comfortable housing and we help make it possible.

For questions about our cheap apartment deals, we invite you to get in contact with us via email at or by phone at (718) Pay-Less (718) 729-5377.