Who is PayLess Apartments and How Do They Work?

For any of you, superheroes, who have time to find the best deal on a new apartment, coordinate a move, and still be a champion at work and at home, we here at Payless Apartments say, “bravo.” For the rest of you humans out there, we say “Welcome home to” 

PayLess Apartments means move-in discounts. Our goal is to make finding your next apartment a little bit easier and a little more affordable with someone who cares. With over forty years in the real estate industry, we are well aware that you could search for an apartment just about anywhere. We are excited to be the only reputable listing website that offers tenants move-in discounts. 

Who is PayLess Apartments?

If you’re new to our website, you might be wondering who we are and how we can help you.  PayLess Apartments is a family-owned, rental listing website that is committed to making your apartment move less expensive. What makes us different from other rental websites, is that we only list properties that are offering a move-in special or discount at move-in. In fact, apartment owners are required to give move-in discounts in order to list their apartments with us. It’s a win-win. You find the apartment you want with exclusive move-in discounts, and apartment owners are able to rent their vacant units. 

In other words, we do not list the cheapest apartments with the cheapest rent. We bring you the apartments that provide the most value to you. These are the best apartments that are offering a move-in discount, so you can have an affordable and quality relocation.  

You’ll find the same beautiful apartments on our website that you may find on other apartment listing sites, but here, you’ll save money and at PayLess Apartments, our simple goal is to save you money.  

With discounts ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, why would you shop anywhere else? 

PayLess Apartments Is Here to Help You

PayLess Apartments exists to help individuals find the best deal possible when shopping for an apartment. We curate apartment listings that offer move-in discounts so that you don’t pay more than you should. 

What we do is simple. How we help you is substantial. 

PayLess Apartments Saves You Money 

It’s your money, you can cry if you want to.  By using PayLess Apartments, you won’t have to.  When you search listings on, you’ll find the same apartments that you see on other listing websites, but with PayLess Apartments, you’ll receive a move-in discount that saves you money.  

If you were going to book a flight or hotel, you would probably search for a travel deal on,,, or the like. Why has no one ever given you that option when searching for an apartment?   

That’s where PayLess Apartments comes in. We have created the first online forum to provide tenants savings at move-in, which is when they need it the most. 

If you were looking for an apartment and there was only one advertising venue that exclusively advertised apartments with move-in discounts, where would you look first? 

PayLess Apartments Does the Dirty Work for You 

Let’s face it.  Where you live is a big deal. You want to be close to work, spare no amenities, have closet space fit for a King or Queen, and get it all for a bargain price. Finding the right apartment is hard enough. Finding the right one for the right price can feel impossible. 

Let PayLess Apartments do the dirty work for you. 

Our business model itself does the vetting. You are finding apartments with move-in discounts, which means savings to you. How do you know this? Because the apartment listing cannot post without meeting move-in discount requirements.  

Where do you come in? By simply selecting the search filters that meet your standards. Customize your search by selecting your ideal rent rage and number of bedrooms.   

Can’t look at the toothpaste marks that your significant other leaves in the sink anymore?  Two bathrooms it is. 

Need a place to move with your 19-year-old cat, “Bone Daddy”? Simply mark the “pet-friendly” box.   

Amazon Prime addict? No judgement. Who isn’t? Be sure to select the option so your building can accept packages on your behalf even when you aren’t home. 

Once you scroll through available apartments that meet your criteria on our website, it’s easy to book a tour, as we provide you with the contact information and location of the apartment. 

PayLess Apartments Makes it Easy 

We may not be as easy as Sunday morning, but we are pretty darn easy. When you’re searching for an apartment, you shouldn’t have to settle for one that’s the right price. You should be able to find one that fits your style and needs, that’s also affordable. 

We make finding the right apartment for you just a little bit more affordable by providing you with move-in discounts.  

At PayLess Apartments, we have you in mind. The move-in discounts we advertise make your move more cost-effective, so you can stay within your budget.  

PayLess Apartments Supports the “Little Guy” 

When we started PayLess Apartments, we wanted to create something that would benefit the individual, the “little guy.” We wanted to create a product that made the hunt for an apartment easier and more affordable for the tenants. 

To assist in this endeavor, we thought we would further incentivize apartment owners.  How?  We’re glad you asked.  We decided to reduce the listing fees we charge apartment owners when they give additional move-in discounts to tenants.  Pretty innovative, huh? In other words, PayLess Apartments is willing to take a hit, in order for you to get a better deal. You’re welcome.  We love you too. 

All of us at PayLess Apartments understand the struggle of looking for an apartment. Inevitably, you find the right one and it’s just slightly out of your price range, or worse yet, it seems like you can afford it, until you are on site and they gouge you with high move-in fees. 

That’s why every property listed on PayLess Apartments has apartments offering move-in discount. You can find the right apartment and afford it. We’re here to support you and to save you money. 


How You Can Use PayLess

The beauty of PayLess Apartments is the simplicity. 

You know you’re getting the best deal out there and saving money on move-in fees. 

To get started, here’s what you do: 

  1. Go to  
  1. Input your desired area, price range, size, and any other criteria that suits your fancy 
  1. Hit “Search” 
  1. Choose the apartment that’s right for you and save

Once you’ve found the ideal apartment, use the contact information provided to secure and save on your apartment. 

If you have any questions for us, you can contact us at (912)-Pay-Less (912)-729-5377 or email us at

Just remember, PayLess Apartments means discounts.  Check out our innovative difference and cost savings for your next move.   

Ding Dong.  Welcome home to 

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