PayLess Apartments is Ready to Help you Find an Apartment Near You

The traditional approach to apartment hunting is far from an efficient or enjoyable process.

You spend hours trying to find apartments nearby work or school and that also offer the right amenities.


You call the promising listings only to find it’s already been rented. Even worse – you make an appointment to view the apartment only to find that the complex is unsafe and the apartment, dirty.

PayLess Apartments believes renters deserve better so we’ve done the hard work for you.

Every renter starts their search thinking, “How do I find the best apartments near me that meet my needs and are in my budget?” With this question in mind, we designed our website to make searching for apartments nearby as easy as possible.


All you need to do is visit our Search page and enter in some basic details and requirements. You’ll then be given a list of quality apartments nearby your chosen location still available for rent.


On top of simplifying your search, we also feature apartments and multi-family units that offer a move-in discount.

We not only want to help you find the perfect new apartment, but we want you to save as much money as possible. Our exclusive platform only allows properties offering move-in discounts so you can be sure that every listing you see comes with incredible savings on cost.

PayLess Apartments is Ready to Match You with Apartments Nearby

We’re always ready to answer your questions and guide you on your apartment search.


Here are some of the most common questions we get from our users, complete with Featured Listings to help you start your search.


I already live in a great area of the city and I don’t want to relocate far. What apartments near me are close to my current neighborhood?

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What apartments near me allow pets?


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I’m looking for apartments nearby, but I’m open to renting a condo or townhouse as well. What discounts are available on townhouses for rent?


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What apartments near me have on-site laundry facilities?


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I’m on a tight budget. Are there any current apartment specials near me that can help me save money?


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I’ve found a few apartments near me that seem promising. What do I do next?


The next step is to contact the complex for more information. You can verify that the apartment is still available and make a viewing appointment. If everything works out, you’ll then confirm the PayLess discount and move forward with a lease.


If you ever have any questions about our apartment listings, move-in discounts, or need assistance of any kind our phone lines are open. Give us a call at (718) Pay-Less (718) 729-5377 or email us at